Welcome to LETS in Norfolk
ocal Exchange Trading Schemes
Supporting Local Networks which enable you to trade skills and services.

Norfolk Local Exchange is a network of people from all over Norfolk who trade skills, services, and goods using a community currency called Lokes. It's friendly and supportive, and we encourage local coordinators arrange social events to encourage the members to connect up.

Members can post their Offers & Wants on this website, and if you do something for someone you can earn Lokes for your time, skills or goods, and use your balance to purchase goods or services from other people on the scheme - these transactions may be done online - by logging into the Members Area - or by paper-based methods if and when local administrators can arrange this.

Whilst developing this county-wide scheme, we maintain links to existing groups, and encourage members who enjoy networkers to help manage local groups within this scheme. New independent groups may be set up where there are enough local members - or voluntary sector organisations - to support them.

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